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Once you purchase your premium store from us, you'll receive a confirmation email with an order form for you to fill out to start the process.

You will need to have created an account with Shopify and invite hello@studio.co as a user with full admin permissions. 

You will also need to have added or imported your product/s to your Shopify store.

Theme licensing is optional and you will receive the same premium theme without a license. Licensing includes the benefit of free theme support and theme system updates.

After we review your order form, we'll reach out to you once your project has been queued for development with an estimated delivery time. This is normally within 5 days from when your store has been scheduled to commence.

If we require any further info or clarification, we'll reach out to you, but otherwise just sit back and relax and we'll email you as soon as it's queued to begin and then as soon as the store is complete!

We create the look & feel of your store only. After handover, Apex Studio can't be responsible for the general management of your store so you will need to know how the Shopify CMS/admin works so you can manage orders, products and store content.

We create up to 6 feature blocks with copywriting and imagery/graphics to extend your product page.

If you have a single product store, we recommend using these blocks to highlight the product features and highlights.

Unfortunately we cannot show different product blocks per product, so if you have a store with multiple products, you will have the same blocks across all products. You can decide whether you would like us to display sitewide store and brand qualifiers here instead, or if you have a top-selling/featured product, we can add 6 product feature blocks to that product only.

Unfortunately we do not offer app installation as part of our service at this time.

We have plans to add this as an add-on in future based on our top recommended apps so stay tuned!

That's no problem! Mention this to us in your order form and we will reach out to request this from you. We'll make sure the store is designed to look seamless and consistent with your existing branding.

Read our Service Terms & Agreement

Feel free to contact us!

After your store is ready

Apex Studio will create content for a product page and the homepage but you will be required to add content for other pages included on your store.

We will add in the basic items in your main menu (at the top of your store) and footer menu (at the bottom of your store) with blank pages ready for you to populate.

You will also need to check your product details, payment gateway options, and store settings to make sure everything is ready for your launch.

Within reason, we are happy to make minor changes relating to colors, fonts, font sizing and re-ordering elements. We are also able to show you how to make these updates yourself within the CMS/admin especially if it is content related.

Since we offer an efficient, and cost effective turn-key solution for creating premium stores, this means there are some limitations to what can be done within your theme. If you require a more customised solution, let us know your requirements and we can work out how best to make this happen.

Important! Avoid making any changes to the theme files. Edit only the content of the store via the CMS/admin. Unfortunately we won't be able to be responsible for anything that goes wrong if you decide to have a little poke around in the theme files.

If you need to make changes to the theme, we strongly advise you ask a developer or someone super familiar with Shopify to help you. Before they do so, make sure they download the theme as a backup before they make any changes.

Feel free to contact us!